What I Do

Strategic Planning + Facilitation

Working with clients, developers, analysts, and other stakeholders to run brainstorming sessions and advocate for the users' needs through all phases of a project.

Research + Synthesis

Creating protocols and run sessions (in-person or remotely) with users, designers, and other stakeholders. The goals dictate the methods:

  • Initial information gathering
  • Generative brainstorming
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Iterative concept validation
  • Usability testing

Wireframing + Prototyping

Developed via whiteboards, paper sketches, storyboards, and digital functional mock-ups, in order to convey IA, workflows, and functionality. Work has been for the web, mobile, desktop, and more.

UI Design

Pixel-perfect renderings of the final product's appearance—colors, typography, imagery—as well as icon design, digital illustration, and graphic/visual design.

Web Design

Built with hand-coded, standards-compliant, responsive HTML5 and CSS3. Also: Wordpress and other CMSes.

Information Design

Digital and sketched diagrams and documents, crafting information—through visuals and succinct writing—to make it easy to understand and interesting to peruse.


I'm deeply grateful to be able to do creative and intentional work that helps people. Human-centered design is a philosophical approach I put into action every day, in all facets of my life. Just as UIs/apps/websites are metaphors for communication between people/groups, I firmly believe that UX/HCD has a higher purpose: it's all about connecting, empathizing, and communicating with people to understand their problems.

I love breaking down complex data/workflows/issues, making them easier to understand, and helping people to harness and apply that information to solve real problems and bring people together.

(I also love that I get to sketch for a living!)

I am a user experience designer based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Previous jobs/clients have included UPMC, Autodesk, IBM, the Japanese government, Bellsouth (now AT&T), and various community orchestras and nonprofits. I studied design at Carnegie Mellon and media/technology studies at Georgia Tech (where I minored in Japanese and more-or-less minored in music).

I spend my free time playing the violin, volunteering, listening to music, reading, sketching, writing, going on long walks/hikes, traveling, studying Japanese, and geeking out over volcanoes/geology/science. I care deeply about sustainability, social/civic impact, and privilege, and am trying to find ways to help equalize the playing field for everybody.