A book for Ron Mendola

tags: print, typography

Date: Winter 2010
Collaborators: Bela Jacobson (event planning), Ethan Trewhitt (photography), Jennifer Lee (networking), Louise Jones (writing and event planning)
Printer: Blurb

Layout for a dedication book for my undergrad orchestra conductor. I did all the layout and typography, and had it printed via Blurb.com.

These are all screenshots from Blurb, with one photo of the book by Ethan Trewhitt.

Background Information When we learned that the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra's founding conductor, jazz-turned-classical trumpeter Ron Mendola, was retiring and moving away, we GTSO alumni/friends knew we had to do something to express our thanks. Ron’s dedication, joy, and enthusiasm were responsible for the GTSO being the best part of our undergrad experiences.

Collaborating with GTSO and Jazz Ensemble students/alumni, Ron’s faculty friends, and his wife, Janet, we organized a surprise get-together for Ron, uniting GTSO alumni and current students/faculty.

We also created a book to give Ron, combining several people’s rehearsal/concert/event photography (namely those of Ethan Trewhitt) with memorable comments by Ron himself. Attendees could sign the book before and during the banquet.

The banquet was a huge success—we totally surprised Ron and were able to express our thanks to him, and he to us. It remains a warm memory for all of us.

Front cover
Photo of the final book (photograph by Ethan Trewhitt) Spread: Dedication Spread: Chapter page Spread: photos of Georgia Tech's campus Spread: photos of Georgia Tech and Atlanta Spread: photos of students rehearsing (side note: for the non-musical folks, keys only go from A-G--Ron loved to poke fun at us when we screwed up, haha) Spread: photos of students rehearsing (side note: Ron would always say, 'Let's start at letter __, as in Jazz,' regardless of what letter it was) Spread: photos of concerts (and 23-year-old me on the left!) Spread: photos of social outings and our weekly orchestra dinners Spread: photos of freshman recruitment and the Couch building Final page, with a beautiful quote by Ron
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