Taking a step Bach to see what's Haydn in plain sight: lessons on problem-solving, inclusivity, and empowerment from classical music

tag: presentation

Presented at:

  • UXPA 2017 - 2017 June 6 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Web Design Day - 2016 June 24 - Pittsburgh, PA

Source: Slideshare

I was given (essentially) a blank slate to present at Web Design Day, and got to delve into a passion of mine: lessons I've learned from classical music that I've applied to my design career. (I had a lot of fun with this, if the title's any indication.)

Some topics I covered:

  • taking a new topic and making it your own
  • deriving lessons from teamwork and collaboration (symphonies vs. chamber groups vs. quartets)
  • breaking down a difficult task (learning a complex musical excerpt)
  • examining comparable steps/deliverables in other fields to draw parallels and inspiration in your own
  • barriers to entry for unfamiliar groups, and diversity and inclusion

This was a multimedia-heavy presentation - plenty of audio and video embedded - and I may create an HTML version in the future to display the presentation in full.

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