An introduction to UX

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Guest Lecture: Digital Content Management class, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Julie Motooka, instructor)
Date: 2013 November 25
Source: Slideshare

I had the chance to give a guest lecture to Library and Information Science students about the basics of UX and my experiences as a professional. My friend Julie was the instructor of this class and wanted to expose her students to different potential career paths they could consider.

(This was a remote lecture, done over Skype.)

I summarized my career distilled what "user experience design" means to me. It forced me to be concise in summarizing the philosophical underpinnings of UX from my training at Carnegie Mellon, while tempering them with the real-world lessons I'd learned.

As the audience was mostly LIS students, I tailored this towards content management, information architecture, and strategy, but also shared my own work in general.

The original slide deck has been edited to include some of my talking points.

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