A meditation on reverse culture shock

tag: video

Date: 2011 spring
Audience: Care in Design - Carnegie Mellon University

Final project for my Care in Design class. I got permission from the instructor to use the content/research of my master's thesis, which focused on helping people dealing with reverse culture shock after they go abroad. We agreed that there is a strong element of care involved in designing for a group going through a period of personal and psychological upheaval.

The quotes came from my thesis research (and were voiced by my friends)—I'd administered a survey and received over 200 responses, with some very poignant comments that pertained to each of the four major phases of reverse culture shock. I also interwove my own story and experience into the background quotes.

Time permitting, I’d love to revisit and edit this someday, to make the different narrative strands more explicit and to allow more time to actually read the text.

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